Teaching Evolution Balancing Education on Evolution and the Origin of Life


Public School

If you are a public school science teacher, please email us for possible lesson plans and other materials you might be able to use in the classroom.

Private and Home School

If you are a private school or homeschool teacher, you might consider using the curricula Explore Evolution or Discovering Intelligent Design to supplement your regular biology textbook. These curricula include a variety of resources for teachers.

Instructional Clips

You may also find the clips below useful for the classroom.

The Synthesis Problem. Synthetic organic chemist James Tour of Rice University explains the constraints and steps to building life’s compounds.

Can We Assemble a Cell? James Tour of Rice University explains the components of a cell membrane and addresses lipid membrane self-assembly experiments.

The Nanocar Motor and the Origin of Life. Yes, it exists—a car that could fit on a pinhead. Chemist James Tour describes the complexity of creating a nanocar and relates synthetic chemistry to abiogenesis. 

Evolution by Breaking Stuff. Biochemist Michael Behe explains the rule of adaptive evolution. If a population has to adapt to a change in its environment, what would you expect to happen first?

Richard Lenski’s Long Term Evolution Experiment. Biochemist Michael Behe explains the implications of Richard Lenski’s E. Coli Long Term Evolutionary Experiment, especially of beneficial, but degrading, mutations.